Creations By Toni designs jewelry where each individual can discover a look that is YOU-niquely their own.

Experience unique handcrafted jewelry designed by Creations By Toni. Each piece is handmade with fresh looks of color, style and fun. The sole purpose of Creations By Toni is to design handmade jewelry so that each individual that wears it can discover a look that is YOU-niquely their own. Creations By Toni makes unique gifts for women and men!

I am inspired by nature, especially sunsets – it is a constant source of inspiration. I love photography so I spend a lot of time photographing birds, flowers, etc. I like how everything in nature has its own unique identity. There is always going to be that one thing that is different, making no two trees the same, no two birds the same. I enjoy designing jewelry that is different. I would give most of my inspiration credit to my dad. He was always taking pieces of nature like wisteria vines, rocks, etc and turning them into a beautiful piece of art.

I strive to make sure my beads are eco friendly by using beads such as African sandcast, paper beads and recycled beads. These beads are recycled glass and sandcast beads from Africa and Indonesia that are crafted using old, discarded and broken glass such as bottles, windshields, mirrors, etc. I also use beads made from environmentally friendly, and sustainable resources such as seed and nut, wood, bone and lava beads. Creations By Toni makes eco friendly gifts!

Whatever the occasion, whether it is a formal occasion, or simply an everyday outfit, my jewelry is designed to allow the customer to have fun with fashion and accessorize without spending too much money. Bringing together many styles and trends, my designs features vibrant colors, shapes, sizes, and fashion trends while allowing you to create a look uniquely your own.

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